Pitbull : International Love – Clip et paroles ft. Chris Brown

Voici le clip et les paroles de International Love de Pitbull ft. Chris Brown.

Ecoutez et regardez.

Les paroles de International Love suivent après le clip de Pitbull ft. Chris Brown.

International Love                      Pitbull ft. Chris Brown
Chorus – Chris Brown:
You put it down like New York City
I never sleep
Wild like Los Angeles
My fantasy
Hotter than Miami
I feel the heat
Ohh Miss international love
Ohh Miss international love

[Verse 1 – Pitbull:]
I don’t play football but i’ve touched down pretty much all around the world, all around the world
I don’t play baseball but i’ve hit a home run all around the world, all around the world
I’ve been to countries and cities I can’t pronounce
And the places lyricsmusicvideo.blogspot.com on the globe I didn’t know existed
In Romania she pulled me to the side and told me Pit you can have me and my sister
In Lebanon yeah the women are bomb
And in Greece you’ve guessed it the women are sweet
Spinned all around the world but I ain’t gon’ lie there’s nothing like Miami’s heat


[Verse 2 – Pitbull:]
If anyone speaks Spanish please submit lyrics for this verse!


[Bridge – Chris Brown:]
There’s not a place that your love don’t affect me baby
So don’t ever change
I crossed the globe when i’m with you baby

[Chorus x2].

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