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Voici le clip et les paroles de You Will Be Loved de Nicole Scherzinger.

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You Will Be Loved                                        Nicole Scherzinger

Sometimes we give it all up just for love
Just to find out that it wasn’t love at all
Sometimes sometimes
Sometimes you want somebody in a bed
So bad we giving ourselves
Sometimes sometimes

So we think on and on
We thinking with our hearts
And letting someone near
That storm might break you down
But you get up again
And learn from your mistakes
Forgive […]
Don’t let it hold you bad
Cause sooner or later
You will be loved be loved be loved (x8)

Sometimes it feels like everything’s going wrong
And we feel like it’s all our fault
Sometimes sometimes
Sometimes we feel like when it’s all settle down
Like all of the love is never gonna come


Sometimes you’re up sometimes you’re down
Sometimes you feel like stuck on the ground cause of love
Cause of love
Sometimes you down sometimes you up
Just set the point when you ’bout to give it up on love
On love
On love
Sooner or latter
You will be loved (x8)

You will be you will be loved.

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