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Last Boyfriend                  Ke$ha

It’s all written in the bottom of my backseat,
Burried underneath the empty bottles, dirty laundry,
Guilty sorry, save it, its too late,(too-too-too-too late!)
Yeah I remember how I fell so stick in love,
You were the one the only one I was dreaming of,
(should of check ahead and lost your phone before you blew it, yeah you blew it!)
Throwing in all, throwing in all all the way,
The last boyfriend,
Try to paint your pretty little words over your mistakes,
The last boyfriend,
Your first in line for killing my time,
I’ll make you high but you leave me dry,
Throwing in all, throwing in all all the way,
The last ex boyfriend,
Your like thirty get a hold of you emotions,
I’m not sorry boy you put out my devotion,
Wipe that honest look off of your face,
(Your red handed, red handed)
Jesus it took two years for you to see,
That I’m the only one that gets you talking in your sleep,
Trash my trust and now I gotta leave, you stranded
How does it feel?
Sleeping in the bed you made?
How does it feel?
Sleeping in, in the bed you made?
(sleeping)in the bed you made?
(ahh- ohhh)
Have you ever seen colors?
I was blind to the other,
I was the perfect lover,
Until I blew your cover.
The last ex boyfriend (x2)

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